Anzac Road Before & After School Care Service is a non-for-profit organisation and is incorporated in its own right. Anzac Road BASC is located on the Holy Family School premises.

Our Centre provides quality child care for children aged 5 – 12 years old offering a developmentally appropriate program aimed at all ages and abilities of the children. The majority of children are enrolled at Holy Family Primary School though enrolments are also encouraged and welcomed from other public and private schools within the local community.

Types of care we provide:

Before and after school care

Before school care

Before School Care is for children who require care before school hours. During before school care a range of activities are provided; including arts, crafts, games, reading and sports. Breakfast is provided during before school care from 6.45am and finishes at 7.45am.

The options available for breakfast are:
⦁ Toast with: jam, honey, butter and vegemite
⦁ Cereal: Weetbix, Cornflakes and Sultana Bran
⦁ Hot/cold menu items: We have recently included a rotational menu for the children to choose from in the morning which includes a variety of different and delicious foods, such as crumpets, scrambled eggs, banana pikelets, jaffles with baked beans and plain porridge with milk. Please find our updated menus on our website, or near the quiet room at the Centre.
⦁ Milo’s are offered during before school care at a cost of 50c from 7.30am to 7.45am. (please see staff to prepay your child/ren milo)

After school care

After School Care is for children who require care after school hours. A healthy afternoon tea is provided as well as indoor activities such as arts, crafts and games and outdoor activities including a variety of sports. Milo’s are offered during after school care at a cost of 50c from 4.30pm to 4.45pm. (please see staff if you wish to prepay your child/ren milo)

Please note: Food bought in from outside the Before & After School Care is not permitted.

Girls puzzles

Vacation care

Vacation Care is for children who require care during the school holidays. We offer Centre themed days and if we go on an excursion or have an incursion it’s usually planned on a Tuesday or Thursday. Food during Vacation Care must be provided by Parents/Carers unless otherwise stated on the Vacation Care program. During Vacation Care Milo’s will be offered after afternoon tea at a cost of 50c. (please see staff if you wish to prepay your child/ren milo)

Note: Milo’s are up to educator discretion and not compulsory and depend on how the session is progressing.

Please note: Pupil Free Days and Staff Development Days are treated as Vacation Care Days. You will be notified of this in writing.