Enrolment for 2022: 

Each year, it is a requirement for all families that use our service to complete a new Enrolment Form, along
with all the required documentation.

To enrol, please complete an online submission. If you are experiencing any difficulties accessing or
completing an online submission, please email 
director@anzacroadbasc.com.au for assistance. 

Enrolment for 2023:

An email with further details about our enrolment process will be sent to all parents /carers on our data base in term 3, to request an email with further information regarding enrolments for 2023 please email: educators@anzacroadbasc.com.au 

To enrol online:

  • Anzac Road BASC (bascenrolment.com) and follow the prompts to enrol online.
  • Please check your nominated email (inbox or junk) with updates on the submission of your enrolment. 

To enrol in person (paper):

  • Unfortunately due to COVID-19 we will not be accepting paper forms. Please submit your application via the above steps. 

Vacation care

If your child/ren only attends Vacation Care, families must also complete an Enrolment Form, including the attachments required except letter from employers. This needs to occur prior to your child/ren attending Vacation Care. A Vacation Care Registration Form will also need to be completed, and you can locate this form in our “members section”. To obtain the “members password”, you must be enrolled.

Enrolment form considerations

  • Enrolment Forms will not be accepted if they are not completed.
  • All additional information must be provided e.g.
    • copy of immunisation (only new families and or if there has been an update to your child’s immunisation record)
    • clear copy of child’s photo (must be a recent photo and applies to all families), 
    • medication authority form per medication provided to the Centre and deed of indemnity
    • action plan or letter from your Doctor
    • letters from employers (all families except Vacation Care families)
    • new Direct Debit Form*

Additional resources

  • Letter from Employer template – Note this template is optional and if you decide to use this template you must insert your company letterhead, dated with current date and signed by your employer (hand written signature or digital signature will be accepted).
  • Medication Form & Deed of Indemnity Form is required if your child/ren has any allergies, anaphylaxis or asthma that requires medication to be administered or stored at the Centre. The Medication Form & Deed of Indemnity Form must be attached to your enrolment form. If you are using the online form, please attach the Medication Form & Deed of Indemnity Form when you attach your child/ren action plan/ doctors certificate as one file. 
  • Enrolment Form and Family Handbook contains important information.

If you require further information about the enrolment process please do not hesitate to contact the Centre on 9541 4367.